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Shell UK & the 75 Tonne Crane

"Can you ensure the concrete slab will support our 75 Tonne crane?" asked Shell UK

Shell UK and Henderson Thomas Associates

A slab present to the Shell UK’s gas refinery near Aberdeen. (St Fergis Gas Plant) Required HTA to propose a technique / survey which could determine the presence of voids beneath a ground bearing slab.

Client: Shell UK

Location:  St Fergis Gas Plant. Aberdeen

How can you test the slab we are looking to use will support our 75 Tonne crane safely, ensuring that it will not topple over causing millions of pounds of damage?

Voids had been detected beneath the slab adjacent to drainage details. Shell Uk’s concern was the ensure the use of a 75 Tonne Crane during maintenance works would not puncture through the slab above any voided areas and potentially topple over. Causing millions of pounds of damage.

HTA's Answer

Having used GPR tech on LUL assets to determine voidage beneath slabs HTA carried out an initial trial to ensure the technique / technology would work at the gas refinery.

We carried out calibratory investigations to confirm findings which gave Shell UK the confidence in our methods that both the crane and the financial risk was mitigated.

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