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Inspecting HE, NR, LUL & structures adjacent to water.

HTA confidently inspect all structural elements and materials via non-intrusive NDT and the latest Inspection Technology, utilising over 30 years of experience.

HTA can inspect a variety of civil engineering structures and material types. HTA can provide trained and certificated staff to work on Highways England, Network Rail, LUL plus structures adjacent to water.

Inspection Services covered include

The following list is not exhaustive, however it gives an idea of the scope of work HTA can fulfil.

RYA 2 Speed Boat Handlers

HTA can supply boats for access and rescue.

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Even if you do not end up using HTA we are happy to advise on the best course of action for the outcome you wish to achieve.

It is impossible for one company to carry out every project, however we can share our expertise far and wide.

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