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  • We are the UKAS Accredited PTSI & NDT Experts

Masonry and Brickwork Testing

Testing the Building Blocks of Structures

Reducing intrusive masonry damage, dust and debris has always favourable when carrying out Masonry Investigations, especially on the Historical and Listed Buildings HTA have worked on.

HTA employs GPR wherever possible because this modern approach alongside our 30+ years of Experience has proved invaluable to our clients; saving them money, time one site and removing stress from unnecessary damage and the resulting clean up and making good.

Masonry Testing include:

Masonry Investigations by Henderson Thomas Associates - HTA

This list is not exhaustive, however it gives a good idea of the range of services on offer, if there is something you require that is not listed please get in touch, as we will most likely be able to assist.

  • Dimensional Survey - including coring to confirm structural makeup
  • Verticality Survey - to determine movement of wall elements
  • Visual Survey - for cracking and other degradation
  • Monitoring movement and cracking - with use of Tell Tales and other monitoring techniques
  • Masonry & Brick Unit Extraction - to determine compressive strength
  • Mortar Sample Extraction - for mixed proportion analysis / strength determination
  • Load Testing - masonry structures

NDT in the form of GPR

NDT in the form of GPR

HTA often uses NDT in the form of Ground Penetrating Radar 'GPR' to determine masonry construction details, including thickness of masonry element, presence of cavity, plus determining the presence of chimney flues.

Discover more about our Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) usage within buildings by clicking this link to take you to our GPR page.

Watch the HTA Crew at Work

Associate Director Steve Neville discusses work at Reading Bridge House to determine the reasons behind cracking and possible leaning of the roof parapet wall.

Watch more videos of the HTA crew at work by clicking here

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